Friday, January 31, 2014

Message From Bishop L.L. Reddick III

As I went through the Litany on Sunday prepared by the Department of Christian Education for Youth and Young Adult Week - a litany that emphasized the ministries that are made possible by digital advances and technological awareness - I realized how short-sighted my "Thanks" were at the end of Bishop Isom's funeral.  I thanked the ushers, the stewardesses, the missionaries, the choir, the clergy, Greenwood Church ... and others for making the service possible.

Forgive my short-sightedness.  I also thank you - Ms. Duhart, Dr. Jones, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Bouknight - for making use of the CME Church's web page, the Christian Index blog, the internet in general to communicate with the CME Church throughout the world, and for the live-streaming of the service made possible by CME-TV.

Also, I erred in stating that "all" of the bishops of the CME Church were present. Bishop Godwin T. Umoette of Nigeria was not able to attend.  (Had I simply read my written "script" before me, I would have said that.)

Thank you.

Lawrence Reddick
Presiding Bishop, 1st Episcopal District

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