Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What's Inside the August issue (and a little of September)... By now, you should be receiving the July '06 issue of The Christian Index in the mail. Again, I apologize that it took so long for it to move from my computer to your home. With that said, I thought you'd like a heads up on some things to look forward to in the next couple of issues. (1) My editorial is going to take note of the growing popularity of CMEs Online, the alternative site for CME information and a very active "forum." (2) President Bush Names Senior Bishop Graves to TVA Board. (3) Hip Hop and Rap Worship in the CME Church (4) NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Post Oak CME (Longview, TX) member Clint Ingram (5) Nefertara Clark clercks at Supreme Court of Georgia (6) Douglas Memorial (Beaumont, TX) member becomes local NAACP leader (7) Miles Chapel CME (Houston, TX) invites everyone to a Golf Classic prior to the 20th CME Convocation - Call (713) 672-0619. (8) "The Life of a CME Preacher:" Rev. Calvin Edgerton Goes Home. (9) Rev. Vanessee Burns and Rev. Edward Thomas earn doctorate degrees. (10) Crowley District (Louisiana) Ministers' Spouses Experience New Challenges. Finally, in the September issue, look for a nice story on the resurrection of Katrina-devastated Calvary CME in New Orleans, LA. Happy reading!

Monday, August 28, 2006

We will Catch Up!
I know that some of you have complained about receiving The Christian Index late. We apologize. There are several reasons why The Christian Index does not instantly appear on your doorsteps in a more timely manner. The first reason is that the Department of Publications has undergone a significant physical transition over the past few months, moving part of its operations from its primary location on Elvis Presley Blvd. in Memphis, TN, to a location a few blocks away. This was a huge undertaking which, quite naturally, affected our print schedule. But in addition to that, Publications Services also was required to do a tremendous amount of print work in relation to the General Conference in June and July. A lot of the work came to the publisher late and was rushed to meet General Conference deadlines.
Speaking of the General Conference, being in attendance for that historical event and publishing The Daily Index placed on hold any work I could get done on The Christian Index. Following the General Conference, both the editor and publisher have been working diligently to get back up to our regular schedule. Also don't forget, our publishing department also produces The Missionary Messenger as well as our Sunday School quarterly. So all of us stay very, very busy (and with very small staffs). Our production schedule is going to get better. Just wait and see.
Finally, We're On our Own!
Welcome to the first posting of The Christian Index Online. For some time now, I have been thinking about how to increase the presence of The Christian Index, the official publication of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, on the World Wide Web. Although currently The Index's official site can be found on www.c-m-e.org, there has remained a need for the Church's official organ to have a place where CME's and others can offer immediate feedback on matters that affect the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. Moreover, from time-to-time, there will be news items of an immediate nature with respect to its importance in the life of the average CME. And another reason I wanted The Index to be more visible online was because I am very impressed with the progress of a blog site maintained by my counterpart and friend in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Dr. Calvin Sydnor, the editor of the AME Christian Recorder.
So here were are. The only thing I ask is that everyone please be patient as we start this new venture. I have no idea how much time and effort it will require to maintain the site, deliver the physical version of The Index, and meet other obligations. Your prayers and input are heavily solicited.