Saturday, August 31, 2013

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Monday, August 26, 2013

ANNOUNCING: The CME Church Health Care Program
The leadership of the CME Church has accepted the offering of a three-part Health Care Program that will provide the opportunity for Clergy and Lay Employees of the CME Church to secure health insurance. The program will be administered by the General Board of Personnel Services and will provide the following:
        (1) Major Medical (Blue Cross Blue Shield) Group Plan for Local Church and Connectional employees under the age of 65;
        (2) A Medicare Supplement (Senior Choice) Group Plan for Local and Connectional employees 65 and older; and
        (3) A Medical Benefit (AFLAC) Group Plan that can be used in conjunction with either of these Plans.
Enrollment is scheduled to begin in early September and continue into October with the following projected effective dates:
        (1) January 1, 2014 for the Major Medical (Blue Cross Blue Shield) Group Plan;
        (2) October 1, 2013 for the Medicare Supplement (Seniors Choice) Group Plan; and
        (3) October 1, 2013 for the Medical Benefit (AFLAC) Group Plan.
This opportunity will signal the first time in our 143-year history that our denomination as a Servant Church will have had a national health insurance program.
Persons who would like to be notified of the opening of this program and receive additional information may have their names added to an email notification list by doing the following:
        (1) Go to the CME Website (
        (2) Place cursor over “Departments” and click on “Connectional Departments”
        (3) Scroll down (if necessary) and click on “General Board of Personnel Services”
        (4) Scroll down (again if necessary) and click on “Health Care Notification Form”
        (5) Click your cursor on either the Clergy or Lay box [only click on one]
        (6) Complete the six (6) following required areas:
                a. Your first and last name
                b. Your (home) zip code [some rates may be determined by your zip code]
                c. Your birth “year” [do not include month or day]
                d. Your email address
                e. Your phone number [either mobile, residence or work]
                f. Your annual conference [not the Episcopal District]
        (7) Click on the submit button and you are finished!
When the enrollment period begins in September, you will receive an email notification
with the details of the plans and the instructions on how to proceed with the enrollment process. Enrollment will be by phone where specific and detailed questions may be answered. After submitting the notification information cited above, if you have additional questions you may contact the General Board of Personnel Services at (877) CME-GBPS or 263-4277.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Home Going Service for Rev. Douglas Lewis
(Minden District – Louisiana Region)

Saturday, August 24, 2013
12 Noon

Mt. Zion CME Church
Reverend Raymond Hampton, Pastor
414 East Union St.
Minden, LA 71055

All cards and expressions may be sent to:
Mrs. Naomi Lewis
153 Roosevelt Watson Road
Doyline, LA 71023

Please keep the Lewis and Mt. Zion CME Church Families in our prayers