Monday, June 21, 2010

Message from Connectional Lay President
Barbara Christian Campbell

To: Members of the Lay Department

From: Barbara Christian Campbell, President
Connectional Lay Council

Re: Resolutions in the Blue Book

Date: June 19, 2010


I have been studying the resolutions and now I am sharing my reflections and seeking your support in reviewing my feedback and voting to concur on the resolutions that we approved at the Lay Council. Additionally, you need to be prepared to go to the microphone and share some talking points for “Concurrence” or “Non-Concurrence” on the new resolutions that may adversely affect our department. Please work with new delegates and keep them informed and take note of the new resolutions that may be introduced at the conference. If you or your delegation would like to submit new resolutions please come prepared to do so. At all cost, “Lay Aside Every Weight” and Come Prepared to Work.” You have received a high honor to represent your Region and I believe you will do just that! Thank you for being a blessing to our God and our Zion!

Please review the next few pages and make notes for your vote!

Barbara Christian Campbell,
Connectional Lay Council President

“Leaders Lead”

***It is important to attend the committee where the resolution is assigned to give input for your concurrence or non-concurrence of a resolution so that when the committee reports to the General Conference they will have heard your concerns. Make notes of the times and location for the committee meetings especially if you have not been assigned to a committee. Generally you can speak, but not vote in these meetings. **** Find out which committee each delegate has been assigned to in your region. Attend your regional caucus on June 25, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. for updates.

References: SCOMA- Standing Committee Action, CON-Concurrence,
NOCON-Non-Concurrence, CONWVH-Concurrence with Changes,
GCA-General Conference Action D-Discipline

Blue Book Page Topic Discipline Committee Assigned Your Vote

P.8 Members of the Quarterly Conf. D. p. 68 Revision/Legal Affairs _______

Talking Point: The language now does not specifically say Lay Leader & Missionary President; this resolution would address that concern and list the Lay Leader and Missionary President as members of the Quarterly Conference.

p.11 Nomination of Church Officer D.p. 146 -150 Revision/Legal Affairs ______

Talking Point: Roberts Rules allows for nominations from the floor and this resolution allows Lay persons to nominate themselves or others to serve as an officer. All nominations are still subject to approval by the quarterly conference.

p.14 Class Leaders D.p.145 Revision/Legal Affairs ______

Talking Point: Specifically states that class leaders should be lay persons.

p. 15 Lay Council Members as Delegates to
District/Regiona (Annual) Conferene D. p.47 Revision/Legal Affairs ________

Talking Point: Reinforces the mandate that first, each local church should have a Local Lay Council and
the need to have lay representation from the Local Lay Council. _______

p. 21 Quorum/Rules of Order for Local Church Meetings D. p. 320 Revision/Legal Affairs _________

Talking Point: Local church boards are generally in violation of not having a quorum and
In many cases two or three people make major decisions. Officers have taken
An oath to serve and being present at meetings is key to service. This resolutions
Reinforces the requirements of officers and follows Robert’s Rules. _______

p.25 Election of Lay Leader D.p.42-43 Revision/Legal Affairs _______

Talking Point: Reinforces the need for Local Lay Councils to be active.

p.27 All Elections by Ballot D.p.43 Revision/Legal Affairs ________

Talking Point: All elections at the local, and regional level shall be by ballot and guidelines are listed on
Page 43, paragraph 201.7 ________

p.28 Orderlies for the General Conference *** Regional/General Conf. ________

Talking Point: Since the general conf. is composed of an equal number of lay and pastors as delegates,,
The orderlies should also be equally composed of lay and pastors and there should also be a balance between the females and males who are chosen.

p.30 Region Leaders to the General Conference *** Regional/General Conf. _________

Talking Point: By virtue of their office and service, the district and regional missionary president and lay leader should be elected to the general conference with the secretary of the regional conference casting a unanimous ballot for their election.

p.32 Election and funding of Delegates to the General Conference D. pp 42-43 Regional/Gen. Conf. _______

Talking Point: Reinforces the right for all members to be eligible to run for a delegate to the general conference regardless of the office that they presently hold and requires that funding be provided for all delegates and requires a response on questions raised concerning the election process.

p.51 Trustees as Members of the Lay Cabinet ***** Connectional Ministries ________

Talking Point: Presently all other primary boards are represented on the council with the exception of the trustees.

p.55 District Lay Council D. p.270 Connectional Ministries ________

Talking Point: Basically an editorial change…………changes district to council.

p.56 -59 Regional Lay Council Connectional Ministries _________

Talking Point: Editorial……………changes department to council.

p.62 Deletion of Men’s Fellowship from the Discipline D.p268 Connectional Ministries ________

Talking Point: The creation of the Ministry to Men has taken the place of the Men’s Fellowship. Review this from your own local there a need or room for both?

Look at other resolutions in the Blue Book NOW and make your notes. The resolutions referenced are specifically geared to the Lay and some are the resolutions we approved at the Connectional Lay Council.

Please take your Discipline (borrow one if you have to) to the General Conference so you will have a ready reference available.

Paragraph 434 outlines the format for the quadrennial report of each Bishop. This outline starts on page 119 and continues to page 121. The headings are: The Numbering of God’s People, The Ministry of God’s Church, Special Ministries, Programs and Projects, Stewardship and Fiscal Condition, The State of Academic Institutions and the last section and the section that should lead to the goals for the next four years is “Challenges and Concerns.” As concerned lay members, let us be sure to review the report for our Episcopal district and the church as a whole.

I am encouraged by the support of leadership on our levels that the Lay Council is a viable organization of our church. After all, as the laity we actually fund every department, we work at every level and we are the support system for the church.

The goals for our department are detailed in the Discipline beginning on page 267. What we have not done, we can still do... we are so blessed that we serve a God that says “Everyday we wake up to new mercies” and so we also wake up to new opportunities!

I appreciate your vote of confidence as the President of the Connectional Lay Council and I pledge my full support to the ministry of the council!

Keep praying. God does answer prayers!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

College of Bishops Issues
Draft General Conference Program

June 19, 2010

Dear Connectional Members and Friends,

The draft program of the Thirty-Sixth Quadrennial Session and the Thirty-Seventh General Conference of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church is available at

Let us continue to pray for the success of the General Conference!
We pray for your safe travels to and from Mobile, Alabama. May God continue to bless each of you.

In His Service,

Senior Bishop William H. Graves, Sr.
Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr., Chairman of the College of Bishops
Bishop Henry M. Williamson, Sr., Program Chairman

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

General Conference 2010

By Min. Keenan Klein-Winters, 3rd Episcopal District,
Senior at Miles College

We’ve waited and waited for 2010
The change we desire, we’ll usher it in

Mobile is the place for what is in store
Delegates will rise and speak from the floor

The Bishops will caucus and meet very late
Strong sound decisions we anticipate

Williamson, Brown, Carter move up in succession
Whispers and chatter about the election

Cunningham, Graves, Brown, and Lakey retire
40-plus candidates are all up for hire

Thank our retired bishops for their faithful service
Episcopal appointments have some anxious and nervous

Stewart shares smiles, Reddick shares cheers
Hoyt becomes Senior for the next four years

The Daily Index will be hot off the press
We’ll either move forward or we will digress

God be with our Zion and never depart
Let your love guide each mind as your will guides each heart

We’ve waited and waited for June, this great year
What will we do, now that it's here?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Pre General Conference Tele-Prayer
Hour of Power
June 19th 2010
Inviting prayer representatives from connectional districts and regions to gather and pray. Post your name and region on the General Conference Facebook as a participating prayer representative from your region or email
Glenda Rouse @
Phone line Open:
8:50 P.M.-CST
Call in Time:
7:00-9:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time (PST)
9:00-10:00 P.M. Central Standard Time (CST)
10:00-11:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Prayer Line Dial-in number:
Participant Access Code:
Participant directions:
Pray Briefly!!!-Respect others time to pray.
Call in on the above dial-in number (218-844-0850)
When prompted key in participant access code above (194763#)
DO NOT ANNOUNCE YOUR SELF-wait until your turn to pray.
Listen to see if anyone else is praying.
If the line is quiet begin your prayer –introduce yourself, name/district only e.g. Tom Hill 1st District; If someone else is praying PRESS * 6, to mute your phone and just wait for a pause in the prayers for your turn.
PRESS * 6 again, whenever you want to pray on the line, this will UN-MUTE your line. (muting eliminates echo and peripheral noises)
When your prayer is complete you may remain on the line to stand in agreement with other pray-ers or exit the line.
PRESS *3 to exit the call
If you remain on the line you should mute your call to eliminate echoes and background noises.
*6 mute/unmute-caller control muting
Praying for the General Conference and the new leadership in the CME Church.

1. Pray for the Bishops allowing God to direct every step.
2. Pray for the conference preparations.
3. Pray for those attending the conference; safety and provision.
4. Pray for the business session and the formation of Christian polity
5. Pray for Holy Spirit guidance in all things.
6. Pray the Spirit of Peace, and Love to rest rule and abide upon each one.
7. Pray for Divine Order in the elections.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Mr. Willie J. Robinson, Candidate
For General Secretary of Lay Ministry
Mr. Willie J. Robinson has informed the editor of The Christian Index that he is a candidate for the position of General Secretary of Lay Ministry at the 2010 General Conference in Mobile, Alabama. Mr. Robinson announced his candidacy in 2008. He is a member of the Northern California Region in the 9th Episcopal District and resides in El Sobrante, California.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Rev. Robert Lewis Announces
Candidacy for Bishop
The Reverend Robert L. Lewis, Sr. has informed the editor of The Christian Index that he is a candidate for bishop in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, and has submitted his name to the Committee on Elections at the 2010 General Conference. Rev. Lewis is the pastor of Bethel CME Church in Cordele, GA, in the 6th Episcopal District.