Friday, May 20, 2011

Trinity CME presents 'The 12 Tribes of Israel'
           Toccoa GA—Trinity CME of Toccoa, GA, Rev. Ricky S. Hammond, pastor, kicked off its spring fundraiser with the presentation of  The Twelve Tribes of Israel program.  Every member of  the church was systematically recruited to participate, resulting in an awesome time for everyone as well as their best fundraiser of the conference year.  The members both in the congregation and those participating in the skit wore afgans, caftans, and other African attire.  They also sat in groups under flags representing their respective tribe.
       The tribe of Naphtali, consisting of Sis. Stephanie Green (captain), Sis. Carmelita Hammond (coordinator), Sis. Elaine Tobias, Sis. Estelle Jones, Sis. Hazel Jones, and Sis. Winnie Jarrett, raised the most funds and celebrated by screaming, shouting, and moving in a way resembling the holy dance.  Captains Sis. Mary McCurdy and Arnethia Tate came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.  To be fair, Rev. Hammond made  himself a member of each tribe through donations and attached himself to the tribe with the least funds to boost their offering.
          Rev. and Mrs. Hammond were excited from the start to bring this interesting and educational program to Trinity; and because of its success members are already talking about next year’s program.  Rev. Darryl Johnston of Dear Court CME was the guest speaker.  To God be the Glory!
           Submitted by Carmelita Hammond, 1st Lady, Trinity CME, Toccoa,GA.


janet said...

Hi! My name is Janet and I'm a member of First Baptist Church of Armstrong, Fl. We would like to do a skit on the 12 Tribes of Israel but can't find a skit. Please send information where I can find a skit and how to go about planning the program. Our church did the Lord's Prayer last month. If you would like information, please let me know.
Thanks any God Bless

Mary Mcglory said...

My name is Mary and I am a member of Wayman Chapel AMC Church in Temple, Texas. We would like to review your skit for use at our Annual Family and Friends Day in August. Please send me information about your program and how to find the skit.

Thank you,
May God continue his blessings